Sing your Soul

An Intensive Retreat for Performers

July 14-19, 2023

Bouros Seaview Retreat is a magical place on the sea where participants can develop and express their creativity through movement and song.  From early morning exploration of the fruit trees to midnight swims in the soft Mediterranean waters, participants will join leaders and others in developing creative skills while surrounded by a natural environment.  Spontaneous performances among the villagers in the town of Karystos in the style of a flash mob will occur.  
This four day retreat will help performers explore, create, play with experiential learning in the group without the limitation of predetermined unresponsive workshop form and structure.  Like nature, the the sound travels free, tuning into the collective connection understanding that we are interconnected extensions and instruments of nature.
Today more than ever, our souls yearn for freedom with a deep calling for connection to each other in the rhythm of nature and for being fully expressed.  Come and join this decadent 4 days of full self-expression, delicious Mediterranean farm-to-table tastes, soulful expression, playful voices and embodied movement…

Flash Vocal Movement Mob

Flash Mob in the Village

Participants will prepare a short live performance near the castle in the port of Karystos, Evia.

This stone treasure by the sea will house our voices and souls, as we share these gifts with the audience, as we co-create together in song & celebration and a rehearsed flash mob in the town will lead audiences to the castle.


Exploring your natural voice – finding your creative source of sound rooted deeply in your own soul. Expressing it through the natural beauty of your own voice.

Natascha Roth

Bringing a unique energy clearing and alignment modality for wellness as well as plant based and Mediterranean cooking for self expression.

Kanelli Scalcoyannis

 Focusing on the body and luxurious environment its to move
 in with magical connection and effortless flow

Caryn Heilman

Exploring inside the circle – expressing yourself creatively        with movement, rhythms and vocalization.

Nana Simopoulos

Price for workshop includes room, breakfast and dinner (except when out on the town).
Single room €325
Double shared room €260 per person
Camping available (bring tent and sleeping bag) €160
Arrive Thurday June 30 and Depart Tuesday July 5th.  The arrival City is Athens.  Travel by bus or taxi or rent a car to the sea port of Rafina.  Take the ferry to the sea port of Marmari and from there take a bus to Karystos or a taxi all the way to Bouros Seaview Retreat.
The rooms have a small fridge for storing food and there is a cantina on the beach with food for lunch, coffee and more.  Shopping is in the town of Karystos which is a 10 minute drive.  See map here.

For questions and to reserve a spot email us here:

Natascha Roth is a jazz vocalist and composer, has been lecturing jazz voice at various Universities continuously for more than 20 years. She helped nurture some of the premiere voices in Southafrica, Germany, Belgium and Holland. She herself attained a masters degree in Jazz vocal performance under the guidance and mentorship of legendary Jazz Vocalists Marc Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Andy Bey and Jay Clayton. Natascha is firmly rooted in the tradition of the Great American Song Book as well as the repertoire of Musica Popular Brasiliera. Working with singers the utmost priority is to find each students individual connection to their natural voice. To explore each individual voice she uses techniques of free improvisation and meditative chant as well song interpretation. 

Caryn Heilman is the founder of LiquidBody Media, Movement and Dance. She is a performing and media artist bringing her knowledge and artistry to a focus on the body and the environment it moves in.  In addition to creating audience-interactive stage and media works and somatic cinema, she teaches somatic movement, video editing and creates luxurious spaces for the body to move in. Caryn performed world-wide with the Paul Taylor Dance company and now leads her own movement workshops.

Kanelli Scalcoyannis is the founder of Luscious Life,a vocal jazz performer, Access Bars ® practitioner a unique energy clearing/alignment modality & Women’s wellness practitioner has been co-leading detox programs for women, plant based & mediterranean cooking classes for healthy lifestyle, dedicated to women leading a self expressed & vibrant life. 

Nana Simopoulos is a New York based composer, vocalist, instrumentalist, leads performances with her world Jazz ensemble and engages audiences to participate by giving them improvised musical phrases to sing.  She also leads workshops in circle singing and improvisation and assists people to develop their own musical ideas.  In this exploratory performance experience, Nana will be sparking participants’ creative expression with musical and movement games.