Seaview Retreats

Sing Jazz

August 25 -31

Judy Niemack

A week-long vocal jazz workshop + retreat with Judy Niemack in this gorgeous location on the beach in Greece. Plenty of time for swimming, walking, relaxing, with daily classes in vocal jazz repertoire, improvisation and phrasing. We will also do some Circle singing and enjoy each others’ company in a heavenly spot. 

LiquidBody Sun, Sea, Stars Continuum Retreat

July 1 – 5

Caryn Heilman

Treat your body to deep fluid movement amidst sunlight, sea and stars. Caryn Heilman is a performing and media artist bringing her knowledge and artistry to a focus on the body and the environment it moves in.

Vocal Play Retreat

SEPT 17 – 23

Annette Philip

Vocal Improvisation is a creative, fun, and joyful way to explore the voice and all its possibilities.   Join Annette Philip for an immersive 7-day workshop on improvised storytelling through sound, movement, and vocal traditions from around the world, all infused with the spirit of playfulness. 


Yin Yoga Retreat

Sept 24 – 29
Oct 1 – 6

Biff Mithoefer

Develop body and energy awareness through Yin practice and body meditation. Learn to follow our “inner teacher” and support others to do the same. Explore and develop our unique strengths and styles as teachers and individuals through our relationship with the healer, warrior, teacher, and visionary archetypes that are part of us all​. Practice using story, poetry, and metaphors to invite a deeper somatic experience.

Kayakalpa Retreat

October 21 – November 21

Dr Raam and Dr Sophia Pandeya 

Kayakalpa is an ancient system for total body rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a unique retreat for wellness and personal transformation.  Dr Pandeya comes from generations of the Siddha Nath lineage of Indian healers and Sophia Pandeya has been personally trained by Dr. Raam and has worked as his principal assistant for the last 30 years.

 Sing For Jay

Oct 14 – 19

Kris Adams will lead us as we celebrate and honor the amazing life and work of Jay Clayton who was a master at creating structures that effortlessly support solo and ensemble improvisation.  Exploring and developing your personal soloing vocabulary through free improv, exercises, and working with Jay’s original  compositions as well as jazz standards.  Open to Jay’s students.

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Treat yourself to a holiday of exciting learning while treating your body to the luxury of living by the sea, eating farm-to-table food and all the sun and fresh air you could want!


What Our Students Say

Nana and Caryn’s jazz getaway in Bouros, Greece was a fabulous experience that I recommend highly for serious vocalists. We managed to practice, rehearse and prepare for a beautiful performance in a gorgeous castle in Karystos with a receptive audience while having our own relaxed beach front daily in a gorgeous sea.


The experience was unforgettable. Not to mention hanging out with awesome Jazz heroine, Jay Clayton. And the many wonderful vocalists who got to know each other in song and spirit.  The cost was reasonable to boot. Nana and Caryn were awesome hosts . Well worth the money.



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