A Creative Quest: Invoking your Muse in the Greek Isles

The lives we lead influence the art we make, and the art we make can shape the lives we lead outside of the studio.

Daria and Anna Halprin pioneered the Tamalpa Life/Art Process to help people transform their lives through movement-based creative expression. Through movement, drawing, and poetic writing, the challenges we face alchemize into opportunities for growth and change.

Into this framework, we weave together guided improvisational practices from Bobby McFerrin’s Circle Singing and Rhiannon’s Vocal River work, to free our voices, sing as a moving tribe, and give voice to the personal and collective songs emerging from our bodies, dreams and lives.

During our expressive arts adventure, you will draw a portrait of who you are as you arrive; sing to your personal muse and allow them and the natural elements of Earth, Sea, Sky, and Sun to inspire you; dance with a part of your artistry that calls for your attention, and embody the next steps of your creative unfolding in a culminating ritual/performance where you will be witnessed and affirmed in our supportive arts community.

Regardless of experience level, all aspiring creative souls are welcome. Limited to 12 students. Art materials will be provided.

Fees include room, all meals and workshop.
Double room for one person (Euros)1065 – approximately $1,175
Double room for two individuals (Euros) 855
Triple room for three individuals (Euro) 785
To get to the workshop you can take a taxi from Athens International Airport to the port of Rafina. There you take a one hour ferry to Marmari Port and another taxi to the retreat center in Bouros. Carpooling will be available.

Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, M.A., Ed.M.
To register: www.elisabethosgood.com  cell: 617-955-0252